Awful Realizations and New Favorites

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I’ve reached that awful stage that comes after the midpoint of every trip, where I realize that there is NO WAY to meet up with everyone I want to see while I’m here, to read all the library books I want to read*, to go all the places I want to go…oh well! I’m still having a great time, and it’s gotten a whole lot better since Toddler X has started (knock on wood!) sleeping through the night again. (Oh, did we have a bad couple of weeks with that beforehand…)

Here’s this week’s latest library find, Daniel José Older’s Shadowshaper, a YA fantasy novel which is making me really happy so far:

shadowshaper I’m absolutely loving the voice, and the magic and the characters and the (gorgeously evoked) setting all work together just wonderfully. It’s so much fun!

I’ve also been reading my way through Ursula Vernon’s wonderful Dragonbreath series with my six-year-old, who LOVES those books! Hugely recommended for any 6- to 8-year-olds you know – and they’re fun for adults, too! We’ve read the first 7 (out of 11) in the last couple of weeks and can’t wait to get the last 4. They’re silly and funny and clever and joyous and can certainly be read out of order. My personal favorite so far is Book 4, Lair of the Bat Monster, and my personal least favorite is Book 2, Attack of the Ninja Frogs, but honestly, they’re all fun, and my 6-year-old loves them ALL.


I also started reading Ursula Vernon’s Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew this morning, and I LOVED the opening – but then I forced myself to stop and set it aside so that I can read it with my six-year-old, who will certainly love it, too. And since Vernon’s MG book for older kids, Castle Hangnail, is one of my very favorite MG fantasies of the last few years, I think we can officially say that she has become a favorite author in this household! :)

What about you guys? Have you discovered any new favorite authors in the past year? __ *Yes, this is a serious issue! And it’s not just for fun, either. Since, at the moment, I’m primarily publishing my books in North America, it’s really important to me to keep up with new American books in my genres, and I can’t afford to buy them all (or even most of them). So, taking this opportunity, every year, to read as many as possible at my wonderful hometown library is REALLY vital! (But it’s really fun, too.)

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