Sneak-Writing and Cool Reveals


Well, drat. All those warnings were right after all…and after a month of devouring the first four seasons of The West Wing, I’ve given up midway through Season 5, because the drop in writing quality was just too disappointing. I miss the old TWW! I’ll go back and try Season 5 again one day, when it’s been long enough that I can’t directly compare it against those earlier seasons. But for now, I’m casting around for new TV shows to watch. Any recommendations?

In other news, my seven-year-old has ten days off school for Half-Term break, so all of my writing is being done in tiny sneak-writing sessions, tucked in around the corners of the main parts of our days. Tiny, do-able goals are definitely the order of the day! I’m trying to average 315 words a day, and so far (knock on wood) it’s working…but sometimes it takes three or four sneak-writing sessions in a day before I manage to hit those 315 words!

But the main parts of the day are all about half-term break, whether I’m chaperoning a playdate or curling up with both of my little boys, watching The Princess and the Frog. (We all love that movie! It’s so funny and so much fun, and Tiana is THE BEST.)

And ooh, you have to check out the gorgeous, gorgeous full jacket art and examples of interior art that have just been revealed for Patrick’s upcoming MG British-Martian adventure, Secrets of the Dragon Tomb! Not only did artist Jeremy Holmes do a fabulous set of cover images, but his interior illustrations throughout the book are AMAZING. I can’t wait for this book to be published in January so you guys can all read it too!


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