Dragon Joy


Last week, after my new book deal was announced, I wrote to one of my very favorite artists, Sally Jane Thompson, asking if I could commission a sketch from her of a dragon (my dragon-girl heroine, Aventurine) drinking hot chocolate. I sent along the manuscript of my book so that she could read the first chapter or so and get any visual details she needed.

A few days later, she wrote back, having read the entire book – and ohhhhh, just look at the sketches she sent me!



I love them SO much!

Over here, it’s been a week of bad health all around – I got the flu (and am still recovering), my seven-year-old is home sick with a nasty feverish cold, and Toddler X is on his third cold in a row…

…But I’m sitting here beaming at pictures of my fierce, beloved, chocolate-loving dragon.



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