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Over here, Germ Central Command has ruthlessly taken control of my life, as I transitioned seamlessly from a rotten flu to a horrible, feverish cold. Sigh. In other words, I don’t have many out-of-the-house adventures or writing advancements to report…but here are some things that have brightened the past week:

1. Emily Brown Oh, am I grateful for those rare and fabulous picture books that are equally loved by my two-year-old and my seven-year-old! They are few and far between, but one particular series really stands out because it is so beloved by both of them: Cressida Cowell’s Emily Brown series (illustrated by Neil Layton), about a clever, adventurous little girl and her old gray (stuffed) rabbit, Stanley. Over the last week, I have read our copy of Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency at least fifty times, and my seven-year-old has informed me that I am NOT ALLOWED to read it without him…which is tricky because my two-year-old is constantly demanding it!


So I’ve also ordered our own copy of That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown (which we’d previously borrowed from the library and loved) to give us a little more flexibility.

These books are so funny, so clever, and so charming, I don’t even mind how many times my kids demand them, because I honestly enjoy them every time. Perfect for reading out loud while curled up with both boys on the couch – they make every one of us happy. Highly, highly recommended!

2. This fabulous post by Courtney E. Martin about writing in the midst of messy, imperfect life. Here’s one of my favorite bits:

“I’m currently having fried chicken emergencies (thank goodness for Bake Sale Bettys and my honey) and losing control of my inbox and getting tough love feedback from trusted friends and battling back all the voices in my head that tell me that it was really dumb to try to write a “big idea book” when I have an almost 2-year-old (that those are for tenured professors with no caretaking responsibilities who can safely dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s and learn macroeconomics etc.). I’m pretty sure the manuscript is super uneven. I’m pretty sure I’m falling short in all kinds of important ways. But I want to read “big idea books” (and see films and hear music and…and…) from people who aren’t tenured professors with no caretaking responsibilities, and people who worry about the impact of what they’re saying and their own blind spots, so I’m going to keep writing and send an imperfect manuscript to my editor on October 15th. I want you to know that. In case you want to do something imperfect, too.”

Read the full post here.

3. The West Wing Oh, yes, my addiction continues! I’m in the middle of Season 5 now, and while everyone was right that the show isn’t quite as fantastic after Aaron Sorkin’s departure (at the end of Season 4), it’s still very good, and I’m still completely absorbed by it. So I’m glad I didn’t just stop at the end of Season 4, as I’d originally considered doing (after all the warnings)!

Now…back to writing!


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