The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart has a Home!

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I am soooooo happy to finally be able to announce the big, secret news that I have been sitting on for the last couple of weeks:

My new MG novel, The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart, has found a home!

Just under three weeks ago, I took the train to London to meet up with my fabulous agent, Molly Ker Hawn, so that we could go together to meet up with various amazing publishing teams who were interested in publishing TDwaCH. It was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I would have been truly honored to be published by any one of those teams…

…but I am so absolutely thrilled to be able to announce now that we have sold The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart in a pre-empt to Bloomsbury UK and to Bloomsbury US, for joint publication in both countries. I am so happy, I could honestly just burst. And I nearly did burst from holding in this news for the last couple of weeks!

This is the press release that Bloomsbury put out today about the deal:

“Bloomsbury Children’s Books have globally acquired world English rights for two titles by author Stephanie Burgis. The first title in a two book contract, The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart, is set to publish in Spring 2017.

“The deal was brokered by Molly Ker Hawn of the Bent Agency to Rebecca McNally Publishing Director for Bloomsbury Children’s Books in the UK and Sarah Shumway, Senior Editor at Bloomsbury Children’s Books in the US. Bloomsbury will work across all their territories to create a global marketing and publicity campaign for The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart.

“Commenting on the deal Rebecca McNally said, ‘This is an irresistible story with a brilliant protagonist, wonderful characters and a thoroughly satisfying story. It’s as delicious and enticing as mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day – it’s completely enchanting and timeless (and like all the best chocolate, it’s not too sugary).’

“Sarah Shumway added, ‘This is the kind of middle grade fantasy I’ve been craving! Ingredients and tastes for chocolate may vary, but this book is heaped with the essentials: adventure, humor, clever characters, strong girls, and yes, delicious chocolate, and is sure to satisfy all kinds of readers’ desires.’

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart is a gorgeous magical adventure for 9-12-year-olds. Aventurine is a young dragon who, after being tricked into tasting hot chocolate brewed by a food mage, is turned into a puny, blunt-toothed, wingless human girl. The only dragony bit left is her extraordinary cloak, which looks curiously like dragonskin – but on the inside, Aventurine is as tough and fiery as ever. Her fierce instincts combined with a new-found passion for chocolate lead her to seek a home among humans, and eventually take her to the Chocolate Heart, a chocolate house in need of help (and customers). But it will take all her courage, lots of chocolate and perhaps a little magic to learn to be her true self…”


If there was ever a book of my heart, this is it. I mean, honestly – chocolate and dragons! My two favorite things! ;)

But seriously…

I love this book so much. And I am so, so happy to know that I will be able to share it with you guys!

And of course I am now going to make a hot chocolate in celebration. Yay! :)

I really, really hope that you guys enjoy meeting my fierce dragon-girl heroine in Spring 2017. I can’t wait.


  1. So glad to hear of bursting-heart-happiness, and finding just the right spot for chocolate and dragon filled book. Yay! Lots and lots of hot chocolate for you!

  2. Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

    Sitting on this news like a dragon on its hoard? Too excellent, all around, and I am thrilled for you!!

  3. Fabulous news, Stephanie. I lift my mug of tea to wish you all success with this book. Hope your feet don’t regain the ground for a while.

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