Lions and Sneak-Writing and the Dogs We Love


Near the end of last week, I took the train up to London to meet with my new publishers and found out one of the nicest side-effects of being published by Bloomsbury (even beyond the fact that they sent me home with delicious cakes!): it’s less than two minutes’ walk from the British Museum! When I’d first spotted that on the map of London, I thought: Yes, but is it worth going to the museum if I only have half an hour to spend there?

It was SO worth it.


I saw almost none of the museum, of course, with so little time there…but everywhere I looked, I saw jaw-droppingly gorgeous and ancient statues. I am DETERMINED to get back there, for longer…and to bring my little boys with me, too! Toddler X, who adores lions, was fascinated by that photo. Better yet, I have a sister-in-law who works at the museum and has promised to give us a behind-the-scenes tour if we can all make it up there. THIS MUST HAPPEN!

And in the meantime, wow, was it a remarkable half hour.

The last few days have been quieter. No more London glamour! Just lots of reading Frog and Toad books with Toddler X and Pugs of the Frozen North with MrD (you can read my rave review here) and sneak-writing more of my MG spies-and-fairies book whenever possible. I’d been focusing on it nonstop since the beginning of September, and I’m just over halfway through the first draft, but I’m starting a big new freelance project today, and my edits for The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart are coming soon, so sneak-writing is becoming the order of the day for the next couple of months. I woke up an hour early this morning so that I could sneak-write as much as possible before my real work day began.

Then I took our sweet old Maya-dog to the vet for a check-up and the refill of all of her different necessary medications that get her through the days these days…and came back to read this gorgeous flash fiction piece, which – talk about timing! – of course made me cry: What Wags the World, by Sarah Pinsker. If you’ve ever loved a dog, read this story! It’s beautiful.

And here’s our sweet Maya-dog, whom I love:



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