Roaring with Cretacious Holiday Spirit


Today Toddler X and I braved the rain and the crowds for a final bout of Christmas shopping…and I am finally, finally done! Whew.

Now I just have to stop basking in my achievement and actually start wrapping some of those presents…tomorrow. After all, it’s only traditional for me to do it late at night on Christmas Eve, panicking! So I wouldn’t want to ruin my holiday spirit, right? ;)

And it’s definitely the holiday season now, because while Toddler X and I were in town, we stopped at the kitchen shop to pick out new cookie-cutters for our annual round of Christmas Eve gingerbread-cookie-making. Every year, the boys get to pick out one new cookie cutter each, and although poor MrD was too sick (with a rotten cold) to come along and pick his out in person this year, I thought it might take a while for Toddler X to make up his mind. As I wheeled him into the shop, I resigned myself to patience and vowed not to check the clock, no matter how long it took.

Then we reached the rack of cookie cutters. His eyes lit up. He started frantically bouncing in his pushchair (stroller) as he reached out and bellowed:


Well. If there were T-Rex-shaped cookie cutters available…who wouldn’t choose them? Not my kids, certainly. And of course it was immediately obvious that we were going to have to get a second, identical one for his big brother, to avoid sibling rivalry…so apparently, a LOT of our Christmas cookies are going to be T-Rex-shaped this year.

Happy holidays! I hope, no matter what (or if) you’re celebrating this season, your days are roaringly full of happiness. :)


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