The Final Countdown…

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So, we’ve reached that Final Countdown that so many parents experience every year…the last five days of school before winter holidays! And I’m trying to get a 30,000-word freelance project first-drafted by Friday (as well as buying the kids’ Christmas presents while they’re safely out of the house, of course)…so, personally, I am REALLY feeling that countdown right now!

(Luckily, I managed to hit my target of 2,000 freelance words this morning, so I am feeling – tentatively – like everything should work out. Oh, please don’t let me be jinxing myself by saying that!)

But there are other kinds of countdown going on here, too – because it’s less than one month until Patrick’s first book comes out!

Secrets of the Dragon Tomb

In honor of that ticking clock, Patrick is holding an awesome giveaway on his blog, offering up not just a signed hardcover copy of the book (which is also beautifully illustrated by artist Jeremy Holmes), but also a really fun mug inspired by the book AND a bar of Omega Dragon Chocolate from our favorite chocolate shop here in Wales. If you’re in the US, UK, or Canada, you can enter the giveaway – and no matter where you live, you can follow that link to read the first chapter of the book.

And speaking of books coming out next year…the digital ARCs of Masks and Shadows are up on Edelweiss now! If you’re a book blogger or a magazine reviewer, you can request an e-ARC there. And if not…well, the real, final book is coming out in less than four months now! Wow. As soon as I get my paper ARCs, I think it’ll be time for me to start holding some giveaways, too…

Good luck with your own countdowns this month!


  1. I feel your countdown pain, Stephanie! Good luck with it all. x

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