Big Week! With Photos, Covers, and a Bonus Latte

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Today is a GOOD day, because a book-check arrived (yay! thanks, Bloomsbury!), and I dived back into my next MG book, The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart, for the first time since June. Dragons! Chocolate! Happiness! And this has been a big week in both of my chosen genres, since I sent off my notes on the final proof of Masks and Shadows yesterday. In just about a week, it’ll be heading to print! Wow.

This week we also got Patrick’s author copies of Secrets of the Dragon Tomb, his awesome MG steampunk-on-Mars adventure, and ohhhhh are they beautiful. MrX thinks so, too! :)


You can see more pictures (all by me, of course, taken veeery professionally using my iPad! ;) ) on Patrick’s blog.

And! I can finally announce two short story publications that will be coming out this spring, in two different anthologies.

The first one is one of my very rare science fiction stories: “Mums’ Group,” which – no surprise! – was written very much in reaction to my own experiences as a mother of young children. It’s going to be published in the anthology Futuristica: Volume One, and you can check out the full Table of Contents here. But meanwhile, check out the great cover!

Futuristica cover

I just saw the cover for Futuristica this week, but I saw the cover for the next anthology back when they held their original call for submissions, and honestly, the fact that I loved the cover so much seriously influenced my decision to submit to the anthology! :) Because…well, look:

Wax and Wane Cover

Isn’t it pretty? They’re going to be reprinting my story “Offerings,” which was first published in Fantasy Magazine. (You can still read the story online, but this will be the only way to get a paper/ebook copy.) And you can see the full Table of Contents here.

So! All in all, it’s been a big week over here. Now I’m drinking a big latte (my second of the day – I’m tired!) and looking forward to sinking back into my current read, an ARC of Megan Frazer Blakemore’s The Firefly Code, which is just WONDERFUL so far.

What about you guys? What are you reading right now?


  1. I’m reading Masks and Shadows, and very good it is too! ;p

  2. I second Patrick’s assessment!

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