A Mask for Masks and Shadows

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Congratulations to whoever won the ARCs of Masks and Shadows on Goodreads! And for everyone else…well, since the ebook pre-order price just shot down in both the US and UK, it seemed like the right moment to say: anyone who preorders the book in any format, from wherever they wish, anywhere in the world, can enter to win a gorgeous mask of your own!

A mask sitting on top of Masks and Shadows ARCs

Isn’t it pretty? I came across those masks for sale in the British Museum giftshop last time I visited London, and I loved them SO MUCH. I bought some for my boys, and then I came home to Wales and thought: Wait! Giveaways! So my lovely sister-in-law who works at the British Museum sent me more. Yay! And of course I’m keeping one for myself. I couldn’t resist!

Steph wearing a mask

Just contact me with proof of pre-order to enter the giveaway, and I’ll announce the winner on April 11th (the day before publication day)! And remember, the giveaway is international.

Good luck!

ETA: You are also eligible to enter the giveaway if you get your local library to preorder the book. Libraries are good! And library preorders make me happy. :)


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