Dragons, Bubble-Blowing, and Secrets


Hooray! Today I sent off the edited version of my next MG novel, The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart. Then I celebrated by blowing bubbles in our back garden with my two dragon-loving little boys. (Poor MrD is sick with a rotten cold, but even he managed to rouse himself for five minutes of bubble-blowing! We are a bubble-loving family.)

As I watched the highest of those lovely, translucent bubbles drift up through our garden, rising toward the mountains in the distance, the boys giggled and chased after the bubbles within reach, and I thought about how much I liked the edits that I’d done to my book…and what a different place I’ve reached in my publishing life than I was in just a year ago.

…And ohhh, did that whole moment feel good. :)

I can’t wait to share my fierce dragon-girl heroine with you guys. So far, the tentative publication date is March 2017. Knock on wood that nothing changes that!

Congress of Secrets has a publication date now, too: November 1, 2016! Less than 9 months to go (and less than 7 months to wait between Masks and Shadows and CoS). It’s just started to appear on online bookstores, beginning, as usual, with Amazon, where it’s already available for pre-order in both editions (ebook and trade paperback) on Amazon.com, and as an ebook on Amazon.co.uk. (The paperback should appear there soon.) You can add it to your Goodreads shelf, too! I’ll make sure to keep updating those links on the webpage as more online stores add both editions.

Today is Pancake Day in the UK, so we’ll all be eating a big pancake dinner, with blueberry-infused maple syrup on top. Tomorrow I’ll get back to my next project.

But right now, I’m savoring the moment, and it’s lovely.


  1. What a lovely, halcyon day with kids and bubbles – and what wonderful stuff in your future. You should be amazingly proud of what you’ve accomplished. Can’t wait to meet the dragon and his chocolate heart! Happy Mardi Gras – enjoy the pancakes. :)

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