What Always Happens at Half-Term…


Whew. The boys have been on half-term holiday here in Wales, and oh, this week has been packed. Museum trips, castle trips, family visits, a pantomime – it’s been really good. But somehow or other…well. Every single half-term, I think: Maybe this will be the one where I get a bunch of writing work done over the holiday!

Hahahaha. Nope. Never.

I’ve got an edit letter for Congress of Secrets that I can’t wait to dive into; I’ve got my line edits for The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart, which I’m only 1/6 of the way through; I have a short story idea teasing at the back of my brain…

And they’ll all get done. Definitely. But apparently not over half-term. Oh well!

It’s been a good week anyway. :)

Mr X climbing a castle wall


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