Challenges and Bright Sides


Right now, I’m deep in edits for Congress of Secrets, which is (for all the reasons discussed here) the book that makes me feel the most vulnerable out of all the books I’ve ever written. In other words, there is a LOT riding on these edits, for me…and I’ve got less than four weeks left to get them right, before I’m due to turn them in.

Meanwhile, we’re moving house in two weeks, and there is a LOT of work needed to make that happen.

Meanwhile, Patrick is also deep in edits for his own next book, with a lot of pressure riding on that for him as well!

So…you can probably guess at the atmosphere in our house from time to time during these weeks of intense edits/preparation. ;)

Thank goodness we had that day out in the TARDIS on Friday! It was honestly the best thing we could have done for ourselves and our household atmosphere.

And in terms of looking on the bright side…

Things I love about editing, despite the fact that it’s hard and often scary work:

1. The fact that it stretches me to my creative limits (and sometimes forces me beyond them), which is the most exhilarating kind of challenge;

2. The fact that it immerses me deep inside my story until I really see the heart of it, much more clearly than I ever did in earlier drafts;

3. The fact that there’s nothing more satisfying than successfully completing a set of edits and knowing that I’ve made my own book better.

Things I love about sorting and cleaning our house for a move, despite the fact that it’s hard and sometimes scary work:

1. ?????


No, wait, there is something after all: I’m looking forward to being in the new house, once all the moving has successfully been done.

And I hope you guys like Congress of Secrets once the edits are all finished and the final version gets published in November!

In the meantime…Masks and Shadows will be published in just 5 weeks! And there’s still time to enter two different ARC giveaways in the next 3 days, at The Book Smugglers and at Goodreads.

Good luck! (And please wish me luck with my week, too!)


  1. Good luck with your week! :)

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