New Chapters


Whew. It has been A WEEK over here, between preparing for the upcoming house-move, working on my novel edits, and having a nasty feverish cold sweep through the whole family (meaning that my seven-year-old is home sick today and very tired and cranky)…

…but I have much-loved family members arriving from America later today, I’m counting down the hours until I see them – and Masks and Shadows will be published just four weeks from tomorrow!

Masks and ShadowsSo. :)

Because four weeks and a day feels like an eon for me to wait…

I’ve put up a sneak peek! You can read Chapter One of Masks and Shadows now.

I really hope you enjoy it!

This is a whole new chapter in my life as an author, with my first adult fantasy novel coming out next month…

We’re about to start a new chapter of our family life, with a new house…

And all in all, things are feeling awfully good around here, despite the chaos. :)

Happy Monday!


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