Rough Week, Great Dragons

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Whew! We finally have working internet again, after a week without.

I’m typing this in our new house, which I love. I can see trees out of my bedroom window, and a lovely hill in the distance. We don’t look out over the mountains anymore, but I feel cozy and happy in our new home, despite all the boxes still waiting to be unpacked. All in all, I’m so happy to be here!

Unfortunately, it’s been a pretty rough week in other respects, as both of my kids have been sick, especially my older one, who’s been coping with a fairly scary virus that sent us to our local hospital’s A&E (ER) department twice over the last weekend and is still ongoing. Right now, I need to be finishing up the last few edits for my next adult book or else working on various guest blog posts to promote Masks and Shadows…but instead, I’ve spent the last half hour just sitting here, worrying about my little boy instead, and having an awfully hard time focusing on anything else. :(

According to the doctors, this virus shouldn’t last too much longer, so with luck I should be able to relax soon. I’m definitely not looking for any health advice here (I really mean that!), so I won’t include any other details, but…please do send good thoughts for him, okay?

And I wanted to say here just how deeply grateful I am for Cressida Cowell’s wonderful How to Train Your Dragon books. I’ve been reading them with MrD for the past few weeks – he adores them! – and they’re so clever and fun and funny and exciting, they’ve been a great series for us to read together all along…but over this past week, they’ve really saved us.

We spent three hours at A&E in our first trip, and seven hours there in our second trip the next night…and by the next day, my voice had actually disappeared because I’d read nearly non-stop for those entire visits, and those books (we read straight through Books 4-7 over the course of those two nights!) had kept him completely absorbed and interested even with a scarily high fever, and even with all the scary sounds of a general A&E department going on around him.

(Someone was screaming off and on near our cubicle on the second night, and other people were making other noises that could have really scared a seven-year-old…so my sick little boy could have been completely freaked out, but he genuinely wasn’t, because he was much too absorbed in the adventures of Hiccup and Toothless to pay attention to much else going on around him.)

I’ve always loved Cressida Cowell’s books (both her MG books and her fabulous picture books, too). But after this past week, without ever having met her or interacted with her (and knowing nothing about her on a personal level), I love Cressida Cowell, too, for just how much her books have helped us. Thank you, Cressida Cowell!


And of course, if you know a 6- to 10-year-old kid, I would highly recommend that series of books! They’re just brilliant. (They are also, btw, completely different from the movies in just about every single particular except for the characters’ names. So even if you already know the movies, you might be surprised by the plots of the books!)

OK. I really do need to get back to my edits now! But I really wanted to wave hello here, post a quick update, and also let you guys know that Chapter Two of Masks and Shadows is available to read on my website now! (Just a week and a half until it’s published. Eee!)

And please send good thoughts to my poor sick boy!


  1. Lots and lots of good wishes to Mr D, thank goodness for dragons and Cressida. Hugs, Hilary

  2. Oh, Steph, how scary! I hope Mr. D is on the mend. Sending all the good thoughts his way. And thank goodness for books! *Hugs* to your whole family.

  3. Love and hugs to all of you, wishing speedy recoveries to the afflicted. We hope your new home will be a proper castle!

  4. Very glad MrD is nearly through the virus. This must be so hard on everybody. *HUGS*

  5. All the good thoughts for your poorly boy. So sorry you’ve had such an awful time, but so happy the reading helped (and well done!). xxxx

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