Big Week, Updates, and Inspirational History


This has been an intense second week of school holidays, with lots of excursions and events to make up for the fact that the kids spent all of last week stuck at home, ill. Between aquarium trips, family swimming expeditions, and more, I’m not even trying to do any writing of my own this week…

…but inside my head, the countdown is still ticking away: just four more days until Masks and Shadows is published! (And in fact, I’ve already heard from someone who’s gotten her pre-ordered copy early from her local bookstore! Eeee! If you’ve preordered the book yourself, could you please let me know when it becomes available? The fact that this is mostly happening in a different country from the one I’m sitting in right now makes me so, so hungry for news and updates! :) )

And today I’m over at Nocturnal Book Reviews, talking about some of the fascinating real history that inspired my novel. I hope you enjoy it!


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