Happy Links and Pictures


Thank you so much to everyone who commented, emailed me, signal-boosted my book around the internet, bought a copy in your local store or online – basically, everyone who made Masks and Shadows‘s book birthday such an amazing day for me!

Of course Patrick and I took the book out to celebrate in the morning. ;)

masks-with-coffee (That’s the desktop photo on my laptop, now!)

We sat in a lovely, sunny café garden, where I drank my latte, ate a yummy almond-cinnamon slice, and just soaked in the amazing fact that this book I love is finally out there in the world, to be read and shared by everyone else. And I feel so lucky right now!

To make the celebration complete, we wandered down to our local bookshop afterward, and I treated myself to two other new books by different authors. (Elizabeth Bonesteel’s The Cold Between and Nora Roberts’s The Obsession, both of which look fun in very different ways! I’m planning to take them both away with us when we go on our family holiday this weekend.)

Even while I was wandering around our town in Wales, though, I also had blog posts popping up in other parts of the world!

At SFSignal, I wrote about about Finding the Fantasy in History.

Over at Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog, I wrote about my favorite bit of Masks and Shadows (and my decades-long obsession with opera).

And it totally made my day, as I worked on dinner last night, when I saw this post on Barnes & Noble’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog talking about this week’s “can’t-miss selections”…and not only was Masks and Shadows one of them, but they gave it a lovely write-up, saying, “Spies, alchemy, blackmail, and beautiful music make for one irresistibly catchy medley.”

If you guys want to chat about Masks and Shadows or anything else tomorrow, make sure you sign up for a Reddit account today, okay? My publicist at Pyr warned me that no one’s allowed to post on Reddit forums until they’ve had an account for at least 24 hours – and the AMA tomorrow is at 3pm EST (8pm UK-time). I’ll hope to see you guys there! And I’ll post a link to the forum itself here that morning. (I just signed up for my own Reddit account last night!)

Now my two-year-old (who has a nasty stomach bug, poor baby) is watching Dinosaur Train on the couch beside me. We were up a few times in the night, so I’m awfully tired today…but I’m still feeling buoyed up by book-day happiness…and by this lovely photo sent by a friend in New York City, who photographed the “new fiction table” at the front of her local Barnes & Noble!


It’s really real! And out there in the world! Woooooooot! :) I love seeing pictures of my books in the wild.

(And now I’m going to make a second cup of coffee.)


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