Masks and Shadows Makes its UK Début!


Aaand whew! The beautiful paperback of Masks and Shadows is finally available in the UK, too! You can order it from Foyles or Amazon UK already (and I hope it’ll go live on and Blackwell’s soon, too – for some reason those two sites are still calling it a pre-order for now).

Since this book is only being published right now by my American publisher (which holds World English rights), you probably won’t see it stocked in many British stores…but it gave me great delight to see that it is already in stock in the Foyles on Charing Cross Road! :)

Masks and Shadows

Meanwhile, I have been sooooo grateful for every single review already posted for Masks and Shadows on Amazon, B&, and Goodreads! Thank you guys SO much. Reviews make a huge difference! Any time you have five minutes to write even just a very short one (whether good or bad), you’re doing a huge favor to the author in terms of visibility.

(And don’t worry – I have a VERY strict policy of never reading any reviews with low star ratings – it’s not good for me or for the reviewers! – so even if you don’t like the book, you can write an honest review without worrying that you’re going to hurt my feelings. I won’t even know about it! But I’ll be grateful to see the review numbers grow anyway.)

Today has been a big catch-up day for me. I’ve been catching up on housework after our long weekend away; I’ve been catching up on admin from our house-move; I’ve been trying to finally, FINALLY catch up on my email…and on a totally fun note, I’ve been catching up on episodes of the (fabulous) Functional Nerds podcast (which Patrick had been recommending to me for ages!), because I’m going to be interviewed by them this weekend. (I’ll let you guys know when the podcast goes live!)

Good luck with your week!


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