Con or Bust


Have you guys all already heard of the Con or Bust auction? Con or Bust is a nonprofit organization that helps fans of color attend f/sf conventions around the world, and right now they’re raising money with a fabulous auction. If you look through, you’ll find all sorts of amazing offerings, from the chance to name a character in a Naomi Novik book to a really cool set of dragon-themed jewelry. (I am so tempted by that one!) And you’ll find an offering from me as well!

I’m offering an original, 500- to 1,000-word short-short story written to your personal specifications. I’m happy to either write a story about any character you choose from any of my books, or write a totally unrelated short-short story to your prompt. That prompt could be as specific as “please write me a Snow White story with dragons” or as general as “Please write me something historical” – whatever appeals to you, personally!

I’ll write and email the story to you within one month of getting the commission (once the auction has officially closed). Then, for one month, the story will be all (and only) yours! After that, I may post the story on my website or here on my blog, but I’ll make sure to credit you when I do that, and I’ll never offer the story for sale. I’m also happy to mail you a printed and signed copy of the story, if you’d like.

Bidding opens today, and it’ll continue until 4p.m. (US Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, June 4th.

And whether or not that offering appeals to you, I hope you’ll check out the rest of the auction – there are some amazing things on offer!


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