Hot Chocolate, Apple Tarts, and Happy Reading


Whew! It’s been a big week. Last Friday I took the train to London to have lunch with my wonderful agent, Molly:


We shared amazing hot chocolates (82% dark chocolate!) while we caught up on everything in the beautiful sunshine.


Then I took a cab over to the Bloomsbury offices to meet with my wonderful MG editor, Ellen, and we had coffee (and, in my case, an amazing apple tart) at a gorgeous Belgian cafĂ© nearby while we talked about my next couple of books. Sadly, I forgot to take any photos! (Next time!) But afterwards, she pointed me toward the mother Foyles bookstore – six storeys full of over 2 million books! – and ohhh, I descended into it and might never have emerged again if I hadn’t had a train to catch a few hours later. I limited myself to buying just 3 books, but it was an agonizing decision.

And look! Foyles is so amazing, I even got to see Masks and Shadows on the shelf for the very first time, even though it hasn’t actually been published in the UK! I got very (over) excited. :)


(Of course I signed that copy, along with copies of the Kat books, too!)

Since getting back home, it’s been a week of slow but steady progress on my 2018 MG book (spies and fairies, yay!), doing lots of house-cleaning (sigh – but SO necessary!), taking trips to the park with the kids, and of course doing lots of reading, too. Personally, I’m alternating (based on my mood!) right now between two really fabulous books:


Sheila Grau’s Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions (which is wacky, funny, and so much fun, with a real, vulnerable heart beneath all the joyful silliness) and


Martin Stewart’s Riverkeep (which is dark and gorgeous, creepy and magical). I’m loving both books in very different ways!

What about you guys? What are you reading right now?

And look: Patrick made two different graphics this week for Masks and Shadows‘s 1-month birthday!



Seeing them was a very nice way to celebrate. :)


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