Library Love, Copyedits and Events


Hooray! We’re in America for the summer. I love living in Wales, but there’s nothing like the feeling of coming back to my childhood home. Total comfort!

It’s a working vacation for me, though. I just finished up the Americanization line edits (and last minute typo-catches!) for The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart on Sunday, and now I’m deep in copyedits for Congress of Secrets. It’s truly excruciating, as a historical fiction author, to be away from my research notes while I make my last checks through the book…so thank goodness I grew up in a university town, with a large research library as backup!

And of course one of my very first trips, as always, was to my hometown library. I was so happy to be back!

It was very, very cool for me to see Masks and Shadows there in the new f/sf section, hanging out with Zen Cho’s fabulous Sorcerer to the Crown:


And here’s my first haul of library books for the summer:


I’ve already devoured E.K. Johnston’s Exit, Pursued by a Bear, and it was AMAZING. You can read my full review here, but as a quick thumbnail: I can’t remember the last time any book made me cry this much, but it was also fiercely empowering and uplifting and I loved it!

Now I’m heading out to continue the only non-fun part of this summer, which is my epic glasses saga, because my vision shifted radically this spring – hello, 39th birthday! what an unpleasant gift to receive! – and my ongoing attempt to get new glasses that work has been both incredibly tedious and ridiculously frustrating. So I won’t burden you guys with the details!

But first, I wanted to let you guys know: there’s now a Facebook event page up for the fantasy panel I’ll be on at my wonderful hometown bookstore, Schuler Books, on August 9th (along with Patrick, Jim Hines and Merrie Haskell – so it should be really fun). I would love to see any of you guys there! If you’re on Facebook, please do RSVP on the page so that we have an idea of numbers, but don’t worry if you can’t. I’ll just look forward to meeting up on August 9th!


And don’t forget: my next email newsletter, on August 2nd, is going to include a new Kat short story. If you’d like to read it, just sign up here.


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