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This week, in the world.

This week.

I keep searching for ways to help.

There’s a GoFundMe campaign for Philandro Castile’s family.

There’s also one for Alton Sterling’s family.

Does anyone know if one has been set up yet for the families of the police officers in Dallas? If that happens (or if it’s already happened and someone points me toward it), I would love to add the link here.

I’m thinking of all of those families today.

Here in Wales, Oxfam Cymru is asking people to write letters of welcome to incoming refugees, as just one way of combating the awful attitudes (and even attacks) that many of them have been facing, just when they should finally be able to feel safe. You can write and send your letter online or write it by hand and post it to Oxfam Cymru. I sent one online myself, but I’m writing another one on paper with my kids so that they can add their drawings to it. Is there a similar campaign going on in England or Scotland? I’d love to add links to anything like that here, too.

In my writing life, I’ve started writing the final showdown in my MG spies-and-fairies book. I wish I was moving faster, but I’m happy with what I’m writing, and I’m telling myself that that’s what matters most. I hope that it’ll be a comfort book for someone one day.


The cover of Congress of Secrets is going to be revealed next Friday on USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you guys! In the meantime, you can see this temporary cover that Pyr created, using a few elements from the final cover as hints. I love it. And I just found out that I’ve gotten more blurbs for it, which is always exciting – and these two new ones are from Martha Wells and Juliet Marillier, two of my own favorite authors.

My Victorian Gothic fantasy novelette, House of Secrets, is coming out in just five days.

We keep going, as the news keeps coming in. I keep writing. I keep hoping for compassionate solutions and better news for all of us.

Wishing peace and love to all of you.


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