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One of my very least favorite feelings in the world is saying goodbye to either of my brothers, and in the last 24 hours, I’ve had to say goodbye (for now) to both of them. Wahh! Luckily, my brother Ben is coming back into town next week with my wonderful sister-in-law, so I’m already looking forward to seeing him again soon, but it’ll be at least three months before I’ll see Dave again, and now I’m feeling sad and mopey.

This is the real downside to coming from a family full of people who like to travel – we’ve all ended up widely scattered across the world! In some (many) ways that’s great, but it does lead to mopey days like today.

On the upside, it was wonderful to spend time with both of my brothers while they were here, and on Saturday, Dave and Patrick and I all went out to finally, FINALLY watch the new Ghostbusters! Unsurprisingly, I adored it. I didn’t think it was flawless, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I had so much fun in a movie theater. The whole film was funny and smart, and it felt shockingly powerful to watch a whole group of women taking on the action scenes side by side, handling the bad guys with power and teamwork and awesomeness. Why can’t I watch that more often in movies???


All of the actresses were great, but OMG do I love Holtzmann as a character. LOVE. I need a poster of her!

(Also: How did I not realize what a great comic actor Chris Hemsworth could be? I’ve always liked him as Thor, but he was hilarious in Ghostbusters!)

Also in good news, if you’re in the US or Canada right now, you can enter to win an advance copy of Congress of Secrets on Goodreads! Good luck to everyone who enters – and I promise my international readers, the next giveaway will be open to everyone! :)

Tomorrow is our big fantasy panel event at Schuler Books, and I can’t wait. Will I see any of you guys there?

Whether or not you’re actually coming, I’d love some brainstorming help. Are there any questions you’d be curious to hear discussed by me, Patrick, Jim and Merrie? Please let me know if there are – we’re coming up with possible discussion topics right now!


(You can click here for more details on the event.)

Also: if you come to the event, I’ve been given the OK by my American MG editor to show you guys the American cover for The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart, even though we can’t release any pictures of it online yet! I am dying to share it with people. So: COME! :)

Hope to see some of you guys tomorrow!


  1. It’s interesting, but I found Holtzmann to be the least interesting character. She seemed really two dimensional. With McCarthy and Wiig’s characters, I felt I knew their backstory and their motivations. With Holtzmann, her character just seemed to be ‘be as irritating as possible’.

  2. I’m so sad to miss your event but I’ll be thinking of you all! Hope it’s a full house. Xo

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