What I Miss


Things I will miss terribly when I leave America:

  • My American family members
  • My American friends
  • Food delivery. SO MUCH amazing food delivery!
  • Rice Chex
  • The trees that line the streets of my home town, making me feel as though I’m living in a forest
  • My parents’ house, which will always feel like home
  • My lovely hometown library and bookstore

  • Things I am looking forward to about coming back to the UK:

  • My British family members
  • My British friends
  • Our wonderful dog, Maya, who is so beloved and so old and so creaky that every time we leave, I worry (a lot) about whether she’ll be waiting for us when we get back
  • Our house, which I love
  • My latte machine
  • Our back garden
  • My favorite cake shop in the world
  • Our lovely local library and bookstore

  • It’s both a good and a bad thing – and, I guess, perfectly appropriate for my dual nationality – that when I’m living in the UK, I miss America, and when I’m visiting America, I miss the UK. I’m very lucky to get to experience them both.

    Please wish us safe travels!


    1. Have a safe trip!

    2. Safe travels, Steph! I sympathize with the two-continent problem. It’s always a bumpy transition for me.

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