Dragon Covers!


Hooray! I can finally, finally share the two (!) covers for my next MG fantasy novel, The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart. The book is being published by Bloomsbury in both the UK and US, but of course cover styles are very different in those two countries…

…and you can see both versions at The Book Smugglers today!

I truly love both cover artists and both covers – and the great thing is, they’re both perfect for the story even though they come at it from very different angles! But I’m really curious: which one is your favorite?

I’d love to hear about it in comments either here or at the cover reveal post!

(PS: The post includes a note from me about the UK cover and not the US cover only because the US cover was a last-minute – and very welcome! – addition to the cover reveal. It definitely wasn’t meant to imply any unfair preferences on my part! :) I honestly love BOTH of my book-baby-covers equally.)


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