Waving From Under Piled Clothes


This is going to be a very scattered post, because I am feeling scattered at the moment! I spent the end of last week getting ready to host a kid-birthday party in our house (which had gotten VERY SCARY with accumulated mess after several months of constant Deadline Mode). Then it was time for for a nice family visit, and then my kid’s actual birthday afterwards…and now we’re packing to get ready for a family trip to London, huzzah! Best of all, this trip will include a publishing party (for me and Patrick, not the kids).

I know, I know. There are people in the world – or at least, in London – who can say the words “Oh, I’m going to a London publishing party” with ennui or even with chagrin.

I cannot. To say the least. It’s almost impossible not to bounce as I say it, even when I’m saying it to myself!

But I do wish I could say those words to my teenaged self! Or even to my seven-year-old self, since that was the age I was when I realized I wanted to be a professional writer.

And look what I also got to see in the last week: the Bloomsbury UK kids’ catalogue for January-June 2016. Do you recognize that front cover???? :)


I was very, VERY happy to see my fiery dragon-girl making her way out into the world like that!

If you want to read a (signed!) early copy, don’t forget that there’s still one up for offer on the Authors for Refugees auction! Since a whole bunch of extra authors, editors and agents contributed new stuff over the last week, the auction’s deadline has been extended to 8 a.m. (UK-time) October 1st. Whether or not you’re interested in my ARC, you should definitely check out the auction as a whole!

Now I need to get back to packing for tomorrow’s trip…which includes desperately trying to unearth fancy-dress items that I haven’t used for months! (Oddly enough, in my normal life, there aren’t all that many times when they come in handy! ;) )

But first, since it’s Wednesday, I’ll share with you guys, too, the teaser quote that I put up on Twitter today for Book Quote Wednesday (#bookqw). The word for the week was “long”, and since Congress of Secrets is coming out in less than 5 weeks (!!!!), I thought I’d share my first teaser quote from it today:


(The whole concept of CoS began when I thought: wouldn’t it be fun to make the powerful, manipulative, ruthless woman the heroine of her own book? And guess what: it WAS fun! :) I can’t wait for you guys to read the first big excerpt on The Book Smugglers tomorrow.)


  1. Ooooh, have fun at your London publishing party. And congratulations on making the catalogue cover! That’s the way to be cover girl!

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