The Great Unboxing and a Giveaway

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Yesterday, the postman delivered two large, heavy boxes from Prometheus Books. (Pyr Books, btw, is an imprint of Prometheus.)

It was exactly two weeks before the publication date for Congress of Secrets.


What could these boxes possibly contain???

Here, let my three-year-old helper show you:


My book! Eeee! Isn’t it pretty?


And more to the point: look at Caroline on that front cover! I love, love, love the way this cover portrays her strength, her cool calculation in the midst of high intrigue, and her utter determination to carry her plans through, no matter what.

I finished the (very rough, and VERY different from the final version) first draft of this book on April 6, 2006. It wasn’t ready for publication then; I wasn’t ready, as a writer, to give it all the layers that this story really deserved.

Now, though, over ten years and six months (and many, many intense re-drafts) after I typed “THE END” in this manuscript for the first time: just look at all those finished copies!


I can’t wait to finally share it with you guys. Less than two weeks to go before publication day! :)

Of course, Congress of Secrets is a standalone novel. You certainly don’t need to read Masks and Shadows beforehand; it’s set 35 years later, in a different city, and there aren’t any shared characters between the books. But! If you’d like something else to read before CoS comes out, and you haven’t read M&S already…

Check out this Goodreads giveaway for Masks and Shadows! It’s open internationally.

And since today is Book Quote Wednesday over on Twitter, here’s another quick taste of Congress of Secrets. This week’s word was “finger.”


Now I’m going to dive back into my new novella for adults, Snowspelled…but I’m also going to take some time to pet my author copies of CoS. Because really, how could I resist? :)


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