Congress of Secrets

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I started writing the first draft of Congress of Secrets in April 2005.

Today, it’s finally out in the world. It’s been a long and varied journey…but I’m so happy to have arrived here now!


Of course, I had to take it out today to celebrate publication day in exactly the most appropriate style:


(Coffee is discussed…let’s just say MORE THAN ONCE in this book. ;) There are multiple scenes set in coffeehouses, too. Only appropriate, for any book set in Vienna!)

This is both my darkest and my most romantic book, and my love letter to Vienna. I really hope you guys enjoy it!

You can buy it in the US and Canada from Amazon US/CA, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound; in the UK, it’s already in stock at The Book Depository and the paperback should be back in stock at Amazon UK soon. (The ebook is already available there, of course.)

Please let me know what you think of it! (And if you have time to write a review – good or bad – on Amazon or elsewhere, I will appreciate it so much.)

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me, guys!


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