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Thanks so much for the lovely feedback I’ve gotten for “Flying Magic” on Facebook, email and elsewhere! It really, really means a lot to me.

If you recall, “Flying Magic” was written on commission for the winner of the Con-or-Bust auction earlier this year…and now one more reader is going to get the chance to commission a new short-short story from me, selecting any character from any of my novels as the protagonist! Winner’s choice. :)

You can find the 24-hour auction here on Jim Hines’s blog. The minimum bid is $10, and all of the money raised by the auction will go to Transgender Michigan, which runs one of the only transgender helplines in the U.S (available 24/7). It’s a resource that’s desperately needed by a lot of vulnerable teens and adults.

The auction closes at noon Eastern time on December 8th.

Good luck to everyone who enters! I can’t wait to see which character the winner will ask to read about.

Now I’m off to supervise some veeeeeery over-excited little kids in decorating our Christmas tree. Wish me luck! There may be tinsel everywhere by the time we finish… ;)


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