Failed Resolutions, a Comforting List, and a Movie Rave

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Every year, I tell myself that I’ll (somehow) get loads of writing done over the children’s school holidays. This year, I tell myself, I’ll definitely find a way!

And every year…



Quite. We’ll just leave it there, shall we? ;) (…says the woman who’s managed a grand total of 430 words over the past 3 days…ah well.)

To comfort myself, though, I’m choosing today to post my yearly list of publications. (Because seriously, I need to remind myself today that it has been a productive year, even if the next few weeks won’t continue that trend!) So here they are:


Masks and Shadows – Opera, alchemy and romance in an 18th century Hungarian palace, published by Pyr Books

Congress of Secrets – Disguises, deceptions, dark alchemy and unexpected romance at the Congress of Vienna in 1814, published by Pyr Books


House of Secrets – YA gothic romantic fantasy, self-published as an ebook

Short Stories

“Mums’ Group” – near-future SF, published in the anthology Futuristica Volume I

“Pack Dynamics” – werewolves in Pittsburgh! Published (and free to read online) in Persistent Visions

“A Cup of Comfort” – my creepy magical tea story, published (and free to read online or listen to as an audio podcast) in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

“Flying Magic” – my Kat-all-grown-up-with-kids-of-her-own short story, self-published as a free ebook and also free to read online


Now I’m 3/4 of the way through the first draft of my adult fantasy novella, Snowspelled, I should be getting an edit letter for my MG spies-and-fairies novel sometime in the next month, and I’ve just started writing the MG novel that will probably come after that. (Grumpy princesses, inconvenient giants, philosophical dragons, and complicated sister-relationships ahoy!)

So, OK. Even if I don’t manage to get too much written over the next 2-1/2 weeks while the kids are off school, things will probably Be Okay.

But now…

Now it’s time to dive back into frantic Christmas preparation (because that is a VERY pressing deadline right now).

Happy holidays!

PS: Have you seen the movie Moana yet? Go see Moana! It made me SO happy, and our whole family loved it so, so much. The boys and I have been listening to the soundtrack almost nonstop ever since, and I’m already plotting a second trip to the cinema to see it again. MOANA!

That is all. :)


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