Books, Bubbles, and Other Kinds of Magic

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I’ve hit the point where I’m desperately counting down the days (and hours and minutes) to our first big family holiday of the year (less than two weeks to go!), so in other words, it has been A Week (to say the least), but here are some of my favorite moments from it:

1. Devouring Sally Nicholls’s upcoming YA suffragette novel Things A Bright Girl Can Do, which was utterly fabulous, immersive storytelling – by far the best historical novel I’ve read in ages – and written with wit and warmth and wonderful characterization throughout. You can read my full Goodreads review here.

2. Visiting our town’s new local comics-and-figurines shop with my boys, who broke into cries of glee when we stepped inside. This place could have been made for our family! Patrick and I have already promised each other to make a return visit together while the boys are at school, so that we can actually take time to browse for our own delights. (I’ve already spotted a Black Widow figurine that I just might need… ;) )

3. Reading an ARC of Cressida Cowell’s truly magical upcoming MG novel The Wizards of Once with my eight-year-old. It’s less light-hearted and slapstick than the early How to Train Your Dragon books (which I love) but it is genuinely, thrillingly full of magic and wonder, and my older son and I are both loving it. My biggest challenge has been keeping to my vow to only read it with him and not cheat by reading ahead on my own!

4. Signing contracts for the French edition of The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart. Oh, and seeing the gorgeous German cover, too! So far, this book has sold in seven languages, which is a first for me, and it’s incredibly exciting.

5. Blowing bubbles in the back garden with my kids last night. The garden is bursting with flowers, it’s been lovely and warm here, and watching the bubbles fly up high in the early evening light felt really magical.

What about you guys? What are some of your highlights from this week?


  1. Hung out with Zen Cho, had a fabulous time eating durian bavarois, visiting museum + lunch with kids and P.
    And finished draft of sherlock story in space!

    • Stephanie Burgis

      That is a fabulous list! (And diving into your sherlock story is one of the rewards I’ve promised myself this week! :) )

  2. I am happy to have added the Wizards of Once to my list! So thanks for that. The weather has been ick here, so we’ve been deprived of garden pleasures, but on the plus side my older boy spent many hours doing his community service quota helping me sort books for the local library book sale, which was fun.

    • Stephanie Burgis

      Oh, that does sound fun! I looooove library book sales – I’ve picked up SO many good books through them!

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