Sticking to my Own Lane (or not!) and Some Good News

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Thanks to Paul Weimer’s generous invitation, I’m guest-blogging over at Skiffy and Fantasy with a post on Switching Between Lanes as a writer who hops back and forth between two genres.

Here’s a brief snippet from the opening:

I think that every writer who’s ever read publishing advice online has probably come across at least one article on the importance of “branding.” Apparently, to be really smart, writers ought to be figuring out the one thing that they’re best at — or the one thing that connects the most with potential readers — and then sticking to it no matter what, so that fans will know exactly what they’ll get from every new novel by that author.

I know I sound a little snarky in that description, but I’m actually not arguing with it as a strategy. I’m sure that it is a smart, practical way to build a successful career.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been much good at sticking to my own lane….

Read the full blog post here (especially if you’ve ever wondered why I don’t just pick one genre and stick with it!).

US Cover art by Petur Antonssen

And in very, very good MG news…

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart has been selected as a Kids’ Indie Next pick (in the age 9-12 category) for Summer 2017! Woooot! These are the books recommended by independent bookstores around the country, and I am incredibly honored that Dragon is among them – and in fabulous company!

You can click on the cover image in the 9-12 category to read the full blurb from the bookseller who recommended Dragon for the list, but even just the first line of her recommendation makes me very happy:

“Have your hot chocolate ready before you start reading this book, because I guarantee you won’t want to stop reading to make a cup once you’ve begun this delightful (and delicious) tale of friendship and growing up.”

Yay! There are only 12 days to go until Dragon roars into North America. I am nervous and excited and impatient for you guys to all finally meet my fierce dragon-girl heroine!

Happy Thursday!


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