Talking About MG and Birthdays of Various Sorts

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Today I’m really honored to be part of a panel on MG fiction over at The Book Smugglers with three amazing authors: Sheela Chari, Uma Krishnaswami, and Mark Siegel. I absolutely adored Sheela’s new MG suspense novel Finding Mighty (see my full review here!), Uma’s Step Up to the Plate, Maria Singh is a wonderful, girl-powered MG historical with fabulous characters, and my 8-year-old is currently devouring Mark’s new MG graphic novel, The Sand Warrior.

I’ve been friends with Sheela for years (and yes, she really is every bit as warm and smart and lovely as you would hope from reading her books!), and it was great to meet Uma and Mark through this project. Reading the roundtable is basically as close as you can come to seeing a conference panel with all four of us together (since we’re currently scattered around the world)! I really hope you guys enjoy it. Read it here.

And of course…it’s just five days (!!!!) until my next MG novel comes out in the US and Canada! I love this graphic that Bloomsbury US made for it:

I can’t wait for you guys to meet my fierce dragon-girl. Within the next five days, I’m going to be having two kinds of birthday – my own (milestone) birthday (I’ll turn 40 while enjoying a family holiday!) and my book’s birthday just a few days later – and I have to say, if I was forced to say which one I was more excited about…well, as much as I do love chocolate birthday cake, my dragon-girl’s book-birthday might just win. ;)

(However, that being said… I may be turning 40 this week, but apparently I’m not completely mature after all, because when I had to choose between being sensible about packing by opening presents BEFORE we left on our holiday, or demanding that all of my presents be brought along, wrapped and hidden, for me to open on the day of my birthday itself…of course I went for Option 2. Birthdaybirthday! Wooot!)


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