Authors for Grenfell – an Auction and a New Short Story

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In the past week, I’ve been heartbroken over so many world events, including some that took place very close to home. It’s horrible to feel helpless in the face of these nightmares.

I’m so glad to have been invited to help with one of them.

My agent, the wonderful Molly Ker Hawn, along with authors Harriet Reuter Hapgood and Sara Barnard, has organized a new auction, #AuthorsForGrenfell. Over sixty authors and agents have already donated auction items. All of them will raise money for the British Red Cross to go to residents affected by the horrific Grenfell Tower fire.

There are amazing names among the offering authors and agents, and you should absolutely browse through the whole catalogue! Bidding opens today and closes next Tuesday. There are so many great items to bid on!

And: I’m offering a brand-new short-short story to be written about any of the characters from my published novels – winner’s choice! If there’s any character that’s ever made you wonder – “What happened to them afterward?” or: “What exactly DID happen to them before the book started?” – now’s the time to find out. :)

I’ve offered these stories as auction items before, and it’s always worked out really well. That’s how I wrote Flying Magic (about Kat all grown-up and dealing with her own kids), Forbidden Magic (about Kat’s parents when they were young) and, most recently, Shadow Duet, which is going out to all of my newsletter subscribers tomorrow before going on sale next month.

(Wonderful cover designed by Patrick Samphire!)

The auction-winner for Shadow Duet asked for a short story about Carlo and Charlotte after the end of Masks and Shadows, and it was such a pleasure to finally give them a bit of a sequel! (You might not believe just how much time I’ve spent over the years thinking about what would happen to them next…)

Which characters would you like to hear more about?

You can bid here from 1pm BST/8am EST today, Monday, June 19th. (ETA: It’s live now!) Good luck!


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