The Best Kind of Overwhelming


Last week was busy and overwhelming in the best possible way.

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart came out in the US and Canada!

I did an event at the Hay Festival with the fabulous Sibéal Pounder! (It was SO MUCH FUN, and I loved meeting so many kids who love dragons too! You can see more photos here.)

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart was named one of the Best Books of the Month (ages 9-12) by!

I picnicked at our local castle with my kids!

And I finished writing the short story that I’d promised to my Con-or-Bust auction winner. (It’s called “Shadow Duet,” it’s a followup to Masks and Shadows starring Carlo & Charlotte 18 months later, and I’ll be sending it out to my newsletter subscribers next month – sign up here!)

Now I’m resting and figuring out how to tackle my edits for the 2018 sequel to Dragon, which will star a fantastically smart, story-spinning heroine named Silke whom I adore…and whose name you may recognize if you’ve already read Dragon! :)

(Of course Aventurine will also be a major character – but this next book is going to be Silke’s story and told from her point-of-view. My editors and I are still brainstorming a real title, but the way we’re referring to it is as my spies-and-fairies adventure! So you can make some educated guesses about the plot based on that. ;) )

Oh! And as part of Dragon‘s North American blog tour, I’ve blogged over at Nerdy Book Club about Finding Your Passion – something that’s VERY important to the dragons in my novel! – and why I love reading and writing about ambitious girls.

Happy Tuesday!


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