Mixed Feelings, Great News, Advance Copies and Vulnerability


This week I’m heading off on my first writing retreat in just over four years (!!!) – and because I have two little kids, I am feeling both extremely excited and deeply guilty/anxious about it. Ah, the joys of working parenthood!

The good news: I had a really good week of editing last week. I really, really love this book. I may even have an official title for it after Wednesday! (Crossing my fingers and waiting to hear the word back from my publishers.) Right now it’s still only known in my house and online as my MG spies-and-fairies book, but after Wednesday it may be known as…well, no. I won’t take the risk of jinxing myself by giving away any of the possibilities! :)

Aaaaand…on Thursday, the gorgeous cover for my upcoming romantic fantasy novella (for adults), Snowspelled (with art by the wonderful Leesha Hannigan), will be revealed on The Book Smugglers! I can’t wait for you guys to finally see it.

US Cover art by Petur Antonssen

I also found out last week that The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart has already gone into a second printing in the US and Canada, less than one month after publication (!!!!!!!!!), so in other words, guys, I am feeling SO GRATEFUL to my readers right now.

And to show that appreciation…

OK, here’s what I had been planning to do in this month’s newsletter: give away two e-ARCs of Snowspelled to randomly-chosen newsletter subscribers. But then I got that news about Dragon‘s second printing…and I felt like celebrating. :) So!

This Thursday, after the cover goes up on The Book Smugglers, I’ll be sending out my July newsletter…and giving away seventy e-ARCs of Snowspelled to my newsletter subscribers! (The only catch is that I’m asking for people to commit to writing an honest review of the novella once it’s published. I really mean it when I say “honest,” though – I absolutely promise. EVERY review helps an author, no matter how positive or negative it might be, so no one should ever feel pressured to write a positive review!) Full details will be in the July newsletter – and you can sign up now to make sure that you get it on Thursday. :)

Now it’s time for me to supervise the kids at our local play barn, and then pack my bags for my writing retreat. I’m bringing along my laptop, thirty pages of notes I’ve made about my novel across the last week, the printed manuscript of the last draft, lots of pens, and of course lots of chocolate. I’m going to try to stay offline for most of the time that I’m on retreat…but I’ll pop back in on Thursday to link to the cover reveal.

I can’t tell you guys how much it means to me that so many of you are willing to follow me as I shift between genres from MG to adult and back again! Seeing that news about Dragon‘s second printing meant a lot to me.

And it has been SO motivational for me as I work on my still-untitled followup book, which is turning out to be one of the most personal books I’ve ever written. (I know that sounds weird to say when it’s about spies and fairies and dragons! But it’s true. And “personal” means “vulnerable,” so, guys – I REALLY appreciate the amazing support that you have all been giving my quirky, heartfelt stories, from Kat, Incorrigible through The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart and more.)

Thank you all so much for keeping me company on this journey!


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