Blackbirds, Witches, and Other Favorite Discoveries

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks since we arrived in America. I’m surrounded by people I love, which makes me very happy. The kids are busy with great activities that make them happy, too. And I’m working on my edits for The Girl with the Dragon Heart, a book I love intensely!

Unfortunately, although the edits are going well, they’re also going sloooowly…partly, I have to admit, because I love this book and this heroine SO MUCH, and parts of it are SO personal to me. That’s making me a horrible perfectionist with this edit – I want it to be perfect! – which is, of course impossible for any book, but…I’m really trying!

In other words, this has to be a brief check-in, so that I can dive back into the book before my editors completely lose their patience with me. :)

Quickly, though, I wanted to share some of my favorite new discoveries of the past couple of weeks!

First, my favorite musical discovery in quite a while: Julie Fowlis’s Scots Gaelic version of “Blackbird”:

I love the song Blackbird, and when I heard this cover, I fell head over heels in love with it. You can buy it as a digital download on her website – and I did! :)

Then my favorite new graphic novel (collecting Issues 1-6 of the new comic series): Spell on Wheels, Volume I, written by Kate Leth. It’s an incredibly sweet, fun urban fantasy series about three witches (best friends) in their 20s on a supernatural road trip, and it’s perfect for fans of Practical Magic or Charmed. You can read my Goodreads review here!

And my favorite new card game (introduced to me by my brother Ben and sister-in-law Jenn): Fluxx! It took me about 5 minutes of feeling disoriented in the first hand we played and then it clicked…and now I love it! I’ve just bought myself a pack for our family to take back home to the UK later in the month.

Speaking of passing time…it’s exactly one month until Snowspelled will be published! Wooot! Patrick printed out a proof of the cover yesterday, and oh, the paperback is going to be so pretty! (You can see a whole album of photos here.) I love Leesha Hannigan‘s cover art, and I love Patrick’s cover design! I can’t wait to share this book with you guys.

I never know whether to refer to Snowspelled as a novella or a novel, to be honest. Officially, novellas are only up to 40,000 words while novels are 40,000+, and this story is 42,000 words. So…novel?

But then again, it’s a romantic fantasy story for adults, and most adult romantic fantasy novels would be at least 80,000 words. So…novella????? I don’t know! I’m calling it a novella to be on the safe side, but: it’s 8,000 words longer than my novella Courting Magic, and I hope that it’ll be a really satisfying length to sink into and enjoy. :) The ebook is currently priced at $2.99, but I’m debating whether to raise the price to $3.99 after it’s been out a week, to reflect the fact that it is longer than most novellas. I don’t know! I still haven’t made up my mind. But if you want to make sure to get it at the cheaper price, you might want to:

Happy Friday, guys! I hope you have a great weekend.


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