Cat Cuddles, Writing Joy, and TV

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We’re home! And oh, am I happy to be with Pebbles again. She’s been purring on my chest almost nonstop since we got back, and it is GOOD. How did I ever do without my sweet, furry cat for four weeks????

Of course, the traditional post-international-travel M.E./CFS crash has hit me hard now that we’re back. Sigh. I had to cancel the event that was scheduled for today, and I’ve made a new rule for myself: I will NEVER again arrange or agree to any public author-events less than a week after an international trip. But even being stuck in bed isn’t that bad with a purring Pebbles to keep me company. And I was so happy to wake up this morning and feel like I’d finally gotten my brain back! Physically, the crash is still pinning me down, but now that the brainfog has lifted, I’m back to writing again, which makes my stuck-in-bed time far more interesting and fun. :)

And my Girl with the Dragon Heart rewrites are going so well now that I’ve finally found the right approach! I wrote 5,000 brand-new words in the week before we left the US, which is pretty much a miracle by my usual standards. (I normally only manage 10,000 new words per month!) It feels SO good to be back in my heroine’s head and having fun adventures with her again, rather than trying to force us both down a hard slog in the wrong direction.

I cannot wait to share Silke’s final story with you guys! But in the meantime, while I work on finishing it…

It’s only 9 days until Snowspelled will be published! Woot! Today I’m hitting “approve” on the print edition (eeep!), which means that the lovely paperback edition (see photos here!) should be available on September 4th right along with the ebook (or even possibly a day or two earlier – we’ll see).

If you are planning to read the ebook edition, please don’t forget to pre-order it or buy it on the very first week – after that, it’ll shift from $2.99 to $3.99 to reflect its length, which is longer than a standard novella. (At 42,000 words, it’s officially a short novel by SFWA guidelines, although I’m generally referring to it online as a novella to avoid confusion with my full-length adult books, which range between 90-100,000 words).

And of course you can read Chapter One online!

Over here, I’m planning a very quiet weekend of Pebbles-cuddling, writing, and watching TV. My dinosaur-loving 8-year-old is finally old enough to watch Primeval with me, and Patrick and I are watching one episode of The Defenders on Netflix every night. I’d never seen any of the previous Marvel Netflix shows, but Sigourney Weaver is a fabulous villainess, and now (having watched the first 3 episodes of The Defenders) I REALLY want to watch Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil as soon as we finish!

Sadly, I feel NO temptation to watch Iron Fist, based on his character in this show, although I would absolutely watch a show about his much smarter and more interesting girlfriend – I keep yelling at her on-screen: “Leave him! You could do so much better!” ;) But I’m enjoying all of the other characters more than enough to enjoy The Defenders anyway.

Wishing you guys a good weekend!


  1. Phew! I’ve been hoping your revisions were going well and am so happy to hear you’ve found your path. *HUGE HUG* Well done, you.

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