A Snowspelled Chapter and the Problem with Writing Discipline

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It’s just two and a half weeks until my romantic fantasy Snowspelled will be published (as both an ebook and a paperback)! Hurrah! Ilona Andrews, one of my very favorite authors, just gave a beautiful blurb for it:

With its unique twist on Regency England, Snowspelled is clever, romantic and filled with magic. Stephanie Burgis is a fresh new voice and I can't wait to see what she does next. Bring on the sequel!

And now it’s time for the very first excerpt! You can read Chapter One on my website now.

And of course you can also

In other news, I had a horrible moment last week when I realized I’d been going in completely the wrong direction with the edits on my next MG book and had to rip out the last 10,000 new words I’d written, along with the associated plotline. Argh! It took me a few days to bounce back from that (and it didn’t help that I ended up in urgent care a couple of days later with a weird infection that knocked me out and required antibiotics to resolve).

But! Yesterday I launched back into my rewrites, and I’m feeling SO much happier about them now. It can be such a hard balance to gauge, when you’re a professional writer. On the one hand, it’s vitally important to be disciplined and to get the work done even when you don’t feel like it. It takes stubbornness and determination and a willingness to push yourself through the hours of typing even when you don’t feel particularly inspired.

But…it’s also vitally important to listen to your instincts – and I had been feeling increasingly unhappy with that previous storyline, to the point where I felt miserable after every writing session, no matter how productive it had been. I kept going for far too long because I believe in being disciplined and pushing through – but there’s art as well as work in writing, and I wasn’t letting myself listen to my creative instincts. Now I finally am, and the book is back to feeling joyful again. Whew!

Every book is a whole new kind of journey.

But my youngest brother, who was here this past week, gave me a gorgeous new notebook for my fresh start. I wrote through yesterday afternoon until it was time to leave for our big event at Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor, and then after we got home at 10pm, I wrote again instead of going to sleep, not because I was being disciplined but because I couldn’t resist! And that is the very best kind of writing to do. :)

Wishing you guys happy breakthroughs in everything you’re trying for.


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