An Anniversary, A Giveaway, and a Family of Dragons

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It’s exactly one month since Snowspelled came out in the world, and in lovely serendipity, today was also the day that it hit the magic number (in the publishing world) of 50 reviews on (What happens when you hit 50? I’m honestly not quite sure, but it’s a number that’s passed around among authors so frequently, with so much significance, that I really am excited about this.)

In celebration, I’m giving away a signed paperback copy on Twitter! The giveaway is international and open until 8pm (UK time) tomorrow, 5th October.

Seriously, guys: THANK YOU for all the support you’ve given to my just-for-fun, quirky fantasy novella full of elves and trolls, a Regency Angland ruled by the Boudiccate, and loads of romance!

When I first decided to self-publish Snowspelled (because the only trad-publishing options that I could find for such a romantic fantasy novella paid so, so very little), I honestly wondered whether I’d ever make back the money that I spent on commissioning the beautiful cover art. Not only have I already exceeded that by quite a way, but I’m already pretty sure that I’ll be able to ask Leesha Hannigan for another cover for Thornbound, the sequel (coming in 2018)! And if both novellas do well enough, I’ll be able to justify writing the third book in the series, which would make me really happy.

So: thank you to every single person who has bought a copy, taken the time to review it, or spread the word in any other way. I really appreciate it! I love Cassandra Harwood and her family and fiancé, and I am so happy to get to keep on playing in this world.

(In case you’ve ever wondered, my big goal, as a writer, is to publish one MG novel every year and one adult novella or full novel every year. I love both genres too much to want to ever give either of them up!)

Good luck in the Twitter giveaway! And if you’re not on Twitter, never fear – my next giveaway (when we hit 75 reviews on Amazon) will be on Facebook instead. At that point, I’ll be giving away the chance for one reader to pick my next tie-in short story (connected to this series or any other books that I’ve written!) and I can’t wait. :)

And speaking of tie-in stories…I’m sending out a new short story connected to The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart in this week’s newsletter (going out on Friday)! This one was commissioned in the Authors for Grenfell auction this year by a girl who wanted a story about Citrine, Aventurine’s older sister, back when she was young. It’s called “The Dragon with an Unbearable Family,” and it was SO much fun to write. :) If you’re not already a subscriber, you can sign up here to read the story for free on Friday! I hope you guys will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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