Halloween Happiness and Cranky Unicorns

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Happy Halloween! We have two very excited little boys over here, and I’m getting ready to head out with them for trick-or-treating. Sugar buzz ahoy! ;)

We all need this fun, though. In the last couple of weeks, first I got tonsillitis, then both of my kids got sick just afterwards; and all in all, our family had six (!) urgent doctor’s appointments in the space of just six days. Patrick and I had to cancel our attendance at BristolCon, which was really frustrating and disappointing, but it was definitely the right thing to do – both kids were far too ill to be left with any babysitter.

Thank goodness, everyone’s finally starting to feel better now. It’s half-term here in Wales, meaning that there’s no school, so I’m not getting a lot of writing done, but I am playing with the openings for two different possible MG novels (I’m still trying to decide between them right now, but they BOTH involve cranky unicorns, so that part is absolutely happening ;) ), and I’m having a lot of fun with both of them. I’m also partway through a novelette about Amy and Jonathan from Snowspelled (set about 15 years before Snowspelled), which should be coming out in a fun anthology sometime next year. Also also, I’m daydreaming ideas for the short story I’ll be writing about Silke (from The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart AND The Girl with the Dragon Heart) for my auction-winner in the next couple of weeks.

So a lot of writing is on the way, even if half-term holidays mean that not much of it is happening today.

US Cover art by Petur Antonssen

And I had a wonderful Halloween gift arrive today: A Mighty Girl (one of my favorite sites) selected The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart as their Pick of the Day! They called it “a delicious tale, perfect to enjoy with your own cup of hot chocolate. Highly recommended for ages 8 to 12.” Hooray!

Wishing you guys all the Halloween chocolate you want this year. :)

(And PS: if you haven’t read it already, you can read my own Halloween short story, “Clasp Hands,” here. Witches and mothers and powerful aunts! It was published in Daily Science Fiction a few years ago, and if this is your first time discovering it, I hope you’ll enjoy it.)


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