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Hurrah! At long last, I sent the edited manuscript of The Girl with the Dragon Heart to my editor yesterday – and then promptly collapsed in a puddle of happiness and relief. This was the hardest edit of my life, but it was so worthwhile! I love this book and this heroine so much, and this edit forced me to dig even deeper into Silke and her story. I cried at the ending this time ’round! (But in a good way, I promise – my books are always guaranteed to have happy endings, because I write comfort books, not tragedies).

I really hope that you guys will love it too. I don’t have a specific publication date yet – only probably-the-second-half-of-2018 – but I’ll make sure to update everyone as soon as I find out all the details.

In the meantime, I’m taking a break before the next round of edits arrive in three weeks. (There are always multiple rounds of edits for every published book, from structural edits – the kind I just did, where you’re rearranging big chunks of story, deepening character arcs, writing new scenes, etc – to smaller line edits, then copyedits, first-pass pages, second-pass pages, and more). And because I am a writing-addict/me, I am going to refresh my brain and take that break by…writing something completely different! :) I’ve promised an adult romantic fantasy novelette to a fabulous anthology put together by friends, and this one will star Amy (Cassandra’s beloved sister-in-law) from Snowspelled.

This one is for everyone who’s asked for a prequel story about Amy and Jonathan’s own romance, and it’s full of underwater magic, complicated families, and, of course, the politics of the Boudiccate (since Amy is a born and trained politician). I’m diving into it today!

And for all of your other character/story requests…check out this fabulous auction raising money for hurricane relief for the U.S. Virgin Islands! There are SO many wonderful offerings from authors, agents, and editors – including a brand-new short story commission from me. I’ll write a short story (up to 1,500 words) about any character from any of my published novels or novellas – winner’s choice!

The winner will get to have the story exclusively for 1 month after I send it to them, and even after that month is up (at which point I’ll send it out to my newsletter subscribers and may also publish it as an ebook) every edition of the story will include a prominent dedication, with thanks, to my auction winner.

The auction opens today at 9a.m. EST (2pm UK time) and ends at 9pm EST on Thursday, October 19th. Check it out!

ETA: The auction is open NOW. :)


  1. STEPH!!!!! Oh frabjous day, calloo, callay! So, so, so thrilled for you. *hugs*

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