Dragon Mugs, Spellswept, and Good News


It’s cold and bright outside today, with snow on top of the mountains around our town. Luckily, Pebbles is snuggled up on my legs as I type this, and I’ve just finished drinking a big, hot latte (in my favorite dragon mug), so I’m feeling cozy and warm. After I finish this post, I’ll get back to work on Spellswept, a prequel novelette to Snowspelled. This time I’m telling Amy and Jonathan’s story! It’s so much fun to write.

Someone’s already created a Goodreads link for Spellswept, so you can add it to your shelf there if you’d like. It will come out first in a very cool anthology early next year (announcements to be made soon!) and then be reissued as a single ebook about six months later.

Of course, if you’d like an early look at Spellswept, the best thing to do is always to sign up for my newsletter, since not only do I share early excerpts of my stories there, but that’s also where I tend to ask for beta-readers for my ebooks before they’re published. (I’ll also be sending out a new Dragon with a Chocolate Heart tie-in short story to all of my newsletter readers next month!)

It’s been a good couple of weeks for book-news over here. My editor liked my revisions to The Girl with the Dragon Heart (Silke’s book, due out late 2018) – huzzah! And The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart was shortlisted for four (!!!) different awards in the UK: the Leeds Book Award (9-11 category) 2018, the East Sussex Children’s Book Award 2018, the Ealing Junior Book Award 2018, and the Worcestershire’s Awesomest Book Award 2018. They all come with awards ceremonies where the authors get to meet the kids who voted to shortlist their books, and I can’t wait to attend as many of them as possible! Across the Atlantic, Dragon was also on the Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids List 2017 (in the MG fiction section), which was really lovely to see.

And in nice personal news, Patrick and I have been reorganizing our house lately (because now that both kids are in full-time school, we actually have the time to do this at long last!) and we’ve finally figured out a way to write in the same room again. We always used to write in the same place, but in our current house, the office is just too small for two people to work there at once (especially since the M.E. means I need to be in a reclining position as I write). So we’d been working in separate rooms for the last year and a half – but now that we’ve rejigged the furniture layout, we’re finally back in the same room, which feels SO much better.

Not only is it just nice to be companionable, but it is SO motivating to work with another writer in the same room! Whenever I’m feeling slow or uninspired, it really helps to look up, see him typing away, and immediately feel motivated to match that productivity.

And of course (as pictured – click on the image for a larger version) Pebbles is always there to help! ;) (Her main comment: “More cats in this manuscript, please!”)

Wishing you guys a good week with lots of warmth and any hot drinks that feel comforting to you. :)


  1. So glad you guys can work in the same space again!

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