A November Love List


It’s a chilly grey day here in Wales, and this week has been full of middle-of-the-night child wakeups and even more germs brought home from school by the kids. Soooo…it’s definitely time for me to come up with a Love List, because I need to focus on some good stuff right now!

In no particular order, then, here are some things I’ve loved over this past week:

1. A Māori language version of the Moana soundtrack has been released online! It has some of the same cast members as the original soundtrack (Jemaine Clement, for example – I now love BOTH of his versions of “Shiny”!), some new ones, and a wonderful new cover of “How Far I’ll Go” by Maisey Rika, one of my very favorite singers. My kids and I have listened to the original soundtrack SO often that we have all of the lyrics memorized by heart, and we’ve all loved listening to this new version too. Right now it only seems to be available for streaming, not purchase, in the UK, but if it ever goes up on sale, we will definitely be buying it!

2. Over the past week, my new MG book idea (my goblin girl book!) finally, finally clicked together enough that I could really dive into it, and on the two days this week when both kids were actually in school, Patrick and I went out for two joint café writing dates, my very favorite way to get my writing done. (We sit across the table from each other, drink tea/coffee, eat yummy treats and each get our own work done…which we HAVE to because the peer pressure is intense and EXTREMELY helpful. ;) One of the greatest advantages to being married to another author!) Now I’m midway through Chapter Two and really loving my fierce goblin girl, the snarky cat she lives with, and the Worst Unicorn in the Entire World (whom my Twitter followers helped me name over this past weekend – thanks, Twitter!). (I’m still in the process of dreaming up the story, so it’s way too early to guess when/whether this one will be published, but it has been so much fun to dive into this one!)

3. I am finally reading Robin Stevens’s First-Class Murder (the UK title for Book 3 in her Wells & Wong series), and it is so much fun. Daisy and Hazel on the Orient Express, with all sorts of deliciously sinister characters and so much humor along the way! This is the only one of the Wells & Wong books I hadn’t read yet (I’ve read them all out of order), and it may well turn out to be my favorite. So far, it’s a tight race between this one and Mistletoe and Murder, which is set at Cambridge University over the Christmas holidays – another favorite kind of setting for me! (And you can read my full review of Mistletoe and Murder on Goodreads.)

4. The family finally got out last week to see Thor: Ragnarok, and I loved it SO MUCH! It had even more of the fun zaniness that I loved in the first Thor film (and missed in the second), but it was bigger and better and just outright hilarious – and surprisingly heartwarming, too. Also, the soundtrack was amazing! I am really, REALLY hoping to see it again in the cinema with my nine-year-old once he recovers from his current bug, but I’ve also already preordered the DVD, too. I feel very confident that it will be a comfort re-watch many, many times in the future, the way the first Avengers film has been for me – and it may well be my favorite Marvel film so far.

What about you guys? What little or big things have you loved lately?


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