Snow Day, Guilt Mode, and One Final Chance


It’s a snow day! (Quite literally, for all of the schools and many of the businesses in our small town.) For the first time in about 6 years, our part of Wales is blanketed in gorgeous white snow, and the kids and Patrick and I are loving it. (Pebbles, on the other hand, is DEEPLY disconcerted by it and wants the world to go back to normal, please, as soon as possible!)

Between the beautiful, rare snow (we have an actual snowman in our back garden for the first time in YEARS!) and the fact that we set up our Christmas tree on Thursday, it’s been easy to feel festive despite the fact that it’s been a fairly rough week in other ways.

Last week, both kids got a feverish cold which developed into different kinds of ear infections, one for each of them, and led to far too much missed school; I picked up the feverish cold and ran a fever for three days straight, which really knocked me out (I am SO GLAD it’s all gone now!); and as glad as I am that my kids got a snow day today (because I still remember how great those felt when I was a kid!), it is, ah…not SO great in terms of my own productivity. Oops!

I was planning to finish my Snowspelled-related novelette Spellswept by Friday, and I was only about 1200 words from the ending by the end of Thursday…but between one thing and another, I’m still about 1000 words from that ending. Sigh. I’m also ridiculously behind in multiple critiques that I’d promised to friends (including Patrick!), so in other words I am in Deep Guilt Mode. I sneak-wrote 63 words yesterday and 125 words today, and I might fit in just a bit more tonight before bed, but…ah well. Maybe I’ll get some work done on the train tomorrow, for the first time ever? ;)

Anyway: tomorrow I’m heading for London to attend a fun publishing party and have brunch with my agent, so life is pretty good regardless. Now I just have to figure out what to pack, because – to say the least – I was not factoring snow into my expectations for this trip when I first figured out a party outfit a few weeks ago! It is definitely time to drag my big pouffy winter coat out of the attic.

And! It is also time for One Final Chance to decide which of my characters (from any of my books!) should get a short story of their own. I’ll be picking a winner tonight before bed (probably around 10pm UK-time/5pm EST), so don’t miss your chance!

Happy snow day. :)


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