A Week in Photos


This week I’m diving into an MG story that I love with a dedicated new notebook (which was one of my favorite Christmas presents):

I’m critiquing other people’s stories for a project that I can’t wait to announce (sometime in the next couple of weeks) while Pebbles cuddles me and pins me to the bed:

I’m reading Elizabeth Winthrop’s The Castle in the Attic with my 9-year-old (a new discovery for both of us – we’re only three chapters in to the copy I checked out of the library, but if it stays this good, we’ll be buying a copy to keep for lots of re-reads with him and then later with his younger brother!):

And I’m baking brownies because mmmm, chocolate:

What about you guys? What are your plans this week?


  1. Castle in the Attic used to be a favorite of mine! Let me know if it still holds up!

    • I’m actually really surprised I’d never heard of it before! (I just spotted it in the online library catalogue, liked the ebook cover, and clicked on it.) It feels like such a natural classic! We’re four chapters in now and still loving it so far. :)

      • (It also doesn’t hurt that the castle on the cover looks EXACTLY like the one that my father-in-law built for Patrick and his brothers when they were kids, which has been passed down in our family just like the one in the book!)

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