Good Crying, Story Updates, and Hot Chocolate


It’s off! Today I sent off the line-edited version of The Girl with the Dragon Heart to my editors at Bloomsbury, along with the dedication and acknowledgments. This week, it should all move on to copyedits, where the whole manuscript will be checked for typos, formatting issues, inconsistencies, etc…and then advanced copies will be printed soon-ish. This book is becoming so real! Right now, the tentative English-language publication dates are 9th August (in the UK) and November 6th (in the US/CA), but I’m not posting pre-order links yet because I don’t know if those dates are set in stone quite yet.

This time round, the ending of the book made me cry all over again. (But only in a good, cathartic way, I promise – it’s not a sad ending, just an emotional one!) I really hope you guys will love it. I put so much of my heart into this book!

Now that this draft of TGwtDH is finished, I’m going to spend the next couple of days revising Spellswept, my Snowspelled-prequel novella. The publication details should be announced sometime in the next two weeks at The Book Smugglers, and I can’t wait for you guys to find it all out. As soon as my revision is done, it’ll be time to leap with both feet into my next MG novel, figure out the new MG series to come after that…and the other night, I also scribbled down the opening to a tentative new novel for adults that I’ve been daydreaming for years. (I won’t be writing it this week or month, but now that I have an opening written down, it’s anchored in my subconscious, so it can simmer there while I write my next MG book first.)

Sometimes I feel frustrated that I’ll never have all the time/energy I need to write every story that wants to bubble up inside me. Right now, though, I’m just feeling grateful for the richness of all these stories that are carrying me through the years. (I am SO grateful to the publishers and readers who actually buy my books so that I can make a living, pay rent and feed my children! But I have to admit, even if no one else in the world ever wanted to read anything of mine again, I would still have to keep writing somehow just to let all the stories out.)

This is the hot chocolate I drank today to celebrate sending off my line edits. (One cup of milk heated on the stove with a large heaping of cinnamon, a small pinch of nutmeg, and 25g of 70% dark chocolate = bliss!)

I’m wishing you all comfort and abundance, hot chocolate and good stories to sink into across the week. (And if there are any stories you’ve read lately that you particularly loved, please do stop by and tell me about them! I am ALWAYS looking to add to my teetering TBR pile. :)


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