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It’s been a busy week over here. Pebbles turned three this past weekend, and we celebrated our one-year anniversary of adopting her with a lot of petting, cat treats and a palatial new scratching post/bed structure that she is, of course, politely but firmly ignoring. We’re hoping to change that if we ever find the catnip spray (which is hidden somewhere out-of-sight in our house) to make it more enticing, but in the meantime…well, at least we tried? ;)

On Monday, I sent off the edited version of Spellswept to my anthology co-editor for copyedits, and I’ve been immersed in my ridiculously-fun-to-write new MG book ever since then. I’m about 15,000 words in right now (so, about 1/4 of the way through the story), and I am dying to share more details with you guys the very moment that I’m allowed to! I’m also plotting out Thornbound on the side, so this week I got a gorgeous new dedicated notebook just for that. (I love Paperchase notebooks so much!)

The copyedits for The Girl with the Dragon Heart arrived today, and I also got to see the gorgeous chapter headers (again by Freya Hartas). I really love them! And I love how much care Bloomsbury is taking with these books.

The Locus Poll and Survey is up online now, so you can vote on your favorite f/sf books and stories of 2017 (whether or not you’re a Locus subscriber). I am really happy that The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart has been included in their Best YA F/SF category! And it’s in really fabulous company. (Luckily, you get to vote for up to 5 options in each category!)

I also got some really wonderful news: The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart has been selected as a VOYA Top Shelf Award-Winner for 2017! That’s an award for “those fiction titles that clearly raise the bar for outstanding storytelling for middle-grade readers,” and you can see the full list of selected books here.

Today I’m stuck in bed with chronic pain, which is frustrating (I’d been dealing with an issue left over from my last pregnancy for a while, but a bad fall last week made it suddenly MUCH worse), but Pebbles has been snuggling me through it, which makes the pain much easier to bear. And I’m 80 pages into Melissa Albert’s The Hazel Wood, which is an absolutely gorgeous fantasy novel with a truly magical feel – perfect escape-reading!

Oh, and one last thing: I’ve finally, finally signed up for Instagram – mostly, of course, just to have an excuse to post lots and lots of Pebbles-photos! ;) You can find me (and Pebbles) there.


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