Short Stories

Most of my short stories were written for magazines aimed at adults, but you can find my Kat short stories and my YA short stories at the top of this page, clearly marked. Most of the short stories on this page are free to read online, and I’ve included links below the story titles.

Tales From the Chocolate Heart (linked to The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart)

The Dragon with an Unbearable Family

A prequel to The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart, told from the perspective of Citrine, Aventurine’s disapproving older sister!

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Kat Stephenson Short Stories (linked to the Kat Books)

Dueling Magics

Luckily, I didn’t need anyone to rescue me. I could do that for myself…

Taking place between Kat Books 1 and 2 and given away free online as a gift to Kat readers – find it free on Smashwords,,, or any other major ebook retailer.

A Desperate Case for Magick

That meant that Angeline was my only hope…because Angeline would do almost anything, given enough incentive…

Set just after the ending of Kat Book 1.

First published in Puffin Post, November 2011.

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YA Short Stories

The Wrong Foot

A frothy, romantic comedy of manners, based on a skewed version of Cinderella.

First published in Daily Science Fiction, November 8, 2013.
Republished in Podcastle, March 21, 2014 - listen to the free audio podcast.

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The Unladylike Education of Agatha Tremain

Forbidden magic and romance in Victorian England!

First published in Willful Impropriety: 13 Tales of Society and Scandal, ed. Ekaterina Sedia, September 2012. (A.k.a. Wilful Impropriety: 13 Tales of Society and Scandal in the UK!)
Republished in Inscription Magazine, 12 May 2014.

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The Five Days of Justice Merriwell

A sixteen-year-old girl finds the fate of her country in her hands, with terrifying magic and danger on every side.

First published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 26 March 2009.

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Undead Philosophy 101

Eighteen-year-old Amanda has finally escaped her unconventional upbringing to go to college. All she wants now is to concentrate on her classes and ignore the vampires blending in on campus…but when her roommate is bitten, it’s time for Amanda to take action.

Written as a Christmas gift for my brother Ben (a philosophy grad student at that point), who asked for a funny vampire story set in East Lansing, Michigan, our hometown.

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Other Short Stories Available as E-books

More Historical Fantasy Stories

True Names

When I let Sam sweet talk me into moving out here to the back of beyond to be his wife, it was all about the romance of the wild, the two of us standing at each other’s sides against mountain lions and poisonous snakes, and me learning to be just as fierce against them as any man. Days like today somehow never got mentioned in any of his stories, back then…

First published in Strange Horizons, 9 November 2009.

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Blue Joe

Jazz, war, and family love in 1940s Youngstown and Europe. This story was written in memory of my grandfather, Emil Bauman, and his brothers.

First published in Shimmer Magazine, Issue 10, March 2009.
Republished in Bewere the Night, ed. Ekaterina Sedia, April 2011.

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Stitching Time

A mail-order bride in 19th-century Northern Michigan finds more than she’d expected…

First published in The Fortean Bureau, March 2005.
Republished in Pseudopod, 6 April 2007 - Listen to free audio podcast.
Republished in Diet Soap, Issue 2, May 2008.
Republished in Grendelsong, October 31, 2015.

Ivy and Thorn

Betrayal and romance in Elizabethan England.

First published in Grendelsong, Issue 1, September 2006.
Republished in Quantum Kiss, March 2007.

Accident of Birth

From the moment Septimus O’Callaghan walked into Mrs. DeYoung’s Sunday garden party, looking as beautiful and as impossible as a young Greek god, I thought I could predict everything that was to follow…

First published in Lone Star Stories, October 2005.

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Retold Myths and Mythical Stories

Lighting Candles

For anyone who ever felt a fleeting moment of sympathy for the evil older sisters in fairy tales…

First published in Flytrap Magazine, Issue #11, March 2014

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She’s lurking outside my campfire again…

First published in Aeon, Issue 8, August 2006.
Republished in Toasted Cake podcast, April 2014 - listen free online.

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The Little Tailor

I wrote this story in memory of my great-grandfather, Mosche Gerschfeld, who first told me the fairy tale “The Little Tailor” when I was five years old.

First published in Say..., May 2005.
Republished in Serendipity, Issue 3, November 2007.

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By the Light of the Dark

A retelling of “East of the sun, West of the Moon” – and a romance about marriage.

First published in Grendelsong, April 2007.
Republished in Quantum Kiss, January 2008.


The giant’s side of the fairy tale…

First published in Lone Star Stories, December 2004.
Republished in Podcastle, 18th April 2008 - Listen to free audio podcast.
Republished in The Lone Star Stories Reader, ed. Eric T. Marin, November 2008.

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I’m not sure I like our games anymore…

First published in Flytrap, Issue 2, May 2004.

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Inside the Tower

She swore she would never return to her mother’s tower – but now her mother is dying.

First published in Strange Horizons, January 2005.
Republished in Jabberwocky, ed. Sean Wallace, August 2005.

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Adventure Fantasy

How to Recognize a Dragon

A guide for young adventurers…

First published in Full Unit Hookup, Issue 9, August 2008.


Locked Doors

You can never let anyone suspect, his mother told him. That was the first rule she taught him, and the last, before she left him here alone with It.

First published in Strange Horizons, January 2007.
Republished in Pseudopod, 27th April 2007 - Listen to free audio podcast.
Republished in Running With the Pack, ed. Ekaterina Sedia, April 2010.

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Red Ribbons

Vampire girls in love in revolutionary Paris!

First published in Black Static, Issue 11, June 2009.
Republished in Wicked Women, ed. Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber, October 2014.

Wolf’s Kin

It’s never a good idea to underestimate a mother…

First published in Space and Time Magazine, July 2009.

Modern Fantasy

Pack Dynamics

My funny werewolves-in-Pittsburgh story!

First published in Persistent Visions, August 2016.

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Marking Time

Regrets, relationships, and the possibility of real magic…

First published in Daily Science Fiction, February 2015.
Republished in Podcastle - Listen free online

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Clasp Hands

Mothers and magic and powerful aunts!

First published in Daily Science Fiction, May 2014.

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Dancing in the Dark

Deep loss, deep love. Written in memory of a beloved relative.

First published in Daily Science Fiction, May 2012

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The Spell Misspelled: or, The Trouble with Kings and Ghosts

My very silly Richard III (as a ghost) short story, written after SO MANY trips to the Richard III museum in York!

First published in Colinthology, a charity anthology whose proceeds go to the Bristol hospital charity Above & Beyond, October 2012.


That Wednesday, the witch found five silver paperclips laid across her doorstep, next to an apple and a sharpened No. 2 pencil…

First published in Fantasy Magazine, August 2009.
Republished in Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales, ed. David T. Neal, March 2016.

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It’s All About the Shoes

First published in Flytrap, Issue 8, November 2007.

Speaking English

First published in Belong, ed. Russell B. Farr, April 2010


First published in The Town Drunk, May 2007.

Science Fiction

Mums’ Group

How far would you go to be a perfect mother?

First published in Futuristica, Volume I, ed. Chester Hoster, June 2016.

Dreaming Harry

Making a bad night even worse, Elizabeth Nichols woke at 3 a.m. with an unmistakable feeling of nameless, creeping dread… A funny spec-fic story about the true horrors discovered in parenthood.

First published in Unidentified Funny Objects, edited by Alex Shvartsman, December 2012.

Iota Draconis

They were saved, after all their fear and despair…and now it was time for her to redeem her promise.

First published in The Sixty: Arts of Andy Bigwood, a science fiction anthology and art book ed. (and illustrated by) Andy Bigwood, April 2011.

The Andrassi Agreement

A science-fictional comedy of manners. How embarrassing are your relatives? ;)

First published in Lone Star Stories, December 2008.

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Behind the Rules

A woman designed to be the perfect wife discovers the shattering secrets behind her marriage.

First published in Forgotten Worlds, July 2006.
Republished in Escape Pod, 28th March 2008 - Listen to free audio podcast.

After the Change

Developing super-powers can seriously strain a relationship…

First published in Future Bristol anthology, ed. Colin Harvey, April 2009.