Short Story: Some Girlfriends Can

Note: PG-13

It’s hard enough trying to be the perfect girlfriend. But how is Lauren supposed to compete when her boyfriend’s ex is a literal goddess?

“Some Girlfriends Can” is a sparkling short story for adults that mixes chick lit humor and mythic fantasy.


The invitation arrives on a Sunday morning. Of course. Not by postal mail; no, Maya would never be that common. It appears in a puff of lavender-scented smoke on the middle of our breakfast table, before I’ve even finished my first cup of coffee. Definitely before I’m ready to cope with my boyfriend’s ex.

Jeff scoops up the card while I’m still staring, caught off guard. He had a bad audition yesterday, so he’s been yawning and grouchy ever since we woke up, slouching around in his rattiest old tartan bathrobe and answering me in monosyllables. Now his face lights up as he scans the invitation.

“It’s from Maya!” he says.


I wrap both my hands around my coffee cup and cling to it like the last shreds of my sanity. I can hear in my head what my mother would tell me: Be nice. Don’t make waves. And my friend Amy chimes in, too: Don’t be a bitch! So I bite down on my tongue, hang onto the coffee cup for dear life, and don’t say what I really want to, which is: I would never have guessed…